Autologous Tenocyte Implantation

Innovative treatment for chronic tendon injuries


Orthocell’s autologous tendon therapy is the most advanced injectable cellular therapy for the treatment of chronic tendon injuries. The patient’s own healthy tendon derived cells are used to assist in the regeneration of damaged tendon to reduce pain and return function. The innovative therapy addresses a significant unmet clinical need for a safe, effective, and non-surgical solution. This product is not currently listed on the ARTG.

How it works

Autologous tendon therapy is a two-stage procedure. A biopsy of healthy tendon, typically from the patella tendon, is performed in a doctor’s rooms using local anaesthetic. The biopsied tissue is sent to Orthocell’s quality-controlled laboratory where the cellular building blocks of the tendon, the tenocytes, are isolated and grown to a clinically significant number under controlled conditions. Finally, the tendon cells are then implanted by injection into the affected tendon approximately 4 – 5 weeks after the initial biopsy via ultrasound-guided injection under local anaesthetic.


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