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Orthocell is committed to bringing the benefits of regenerative medicine to a broad patient population through the development of world-leading therapeutic products.

The potential of regenerative medicine to help maintain health and vitality as people age or experience high stress on their bodies is enormous. Regenerative medicine leverages the body’s ability for self-repair to reduce pain and return function.

Regenerative medicine treatments use ‘biological substitutes’ to restore or improve tissue function, which can be cell-based, where healthy cells are injected into diseased or damaged tissue to repair the damage; a resorbable implanted scaffold that encourages new tissue formation using the body’s own intrinsic repair processes; or a combination of cells and scaffold, where cells are implanted into the repair site after seeding onto a scaffold.

Orthocell manufactures two regenerative medicine platforms: collagen scaffold medical devices and cell therapies.

Approved Products - Manufactured by Orthocell

DENTAL | Striate+™

  • Striate+™ is a sterile, resorbable collagen membrane used for guided bone and tissue regeneration in dental applications.
  • Available for sale in AU, US, UK and EU

NERVE | Remplir™

  • Remplir™ is a collagen scaffold used in peripheral nerve repair.
  • Available for sale in Australia


  • OrthoACI™ or autologous chondrocyte implantation is used for the treatment of articular cartilage defects in the knee and ankle.
  • Available for sale in Australia
"Orthocell is delivering breakthrough products to restore mobility and function."

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Ming Hao Zheng

Product Pipeline

CelGro™ Platform
Collagen Medical Device
Nerve (US)
Pending US Regulatory approval study
Ligament (US)
Pending large animal study
ProductIndicationPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Status
Cell Therapy
Tendon Cell Therapy
Learn more
Rotator cuff (US)
Pending phase 2b study
Lateral epicondyle (AUS)
Pending TGA application

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