more than a barrier membrane


Striate+™ is a pure, acellular resorbable collagen membrane used for guided bone and tissue regeneration in dental applications. It is designed to protect the bone defect space from in-growth of gingival tissue and provide a favorable environment for osteogenesis. Striate+™ is produced in Australia by Orthocell using a proprietary SMRT™ manufacturing process which preserves the collagen structure without crosslinking or chemical modification for optimal tissue integration.

Exceptional handling properties

Flexible and easy to handle even when wet, does not collapse when placed over defect and can be used with or without pins or sutures

Optimal tissue integration and remodeling

Integration profile is commensurate with the healing process providing an optimal environment for rapid repair of tissue and regeneration of high-quality bone

Predictable outcomes

Osteoconductive properties enable mature cortical bone formation at an earlier time point

How it works

Striate+™ has a bilayer structure consisting of a rough and smooth side. The smooth side of Striate+™ is placed facing the oral cavity to prevent gingival soft tissue growing into the defect space during bone healing. The rough side, placed facing the defect, provides a favorable environment for new bone growth. Striate+™ remains in-situ long enough for bone regeneration to occur before being resorbed into the surrounding tissue, and a second procedure to remove the membrane is not required.


Barrier membrane prevents infiltration of gingival cells and enables the passage of bioactive molecules and proteins


Porous network of collagen fibers promotes cellular attachment and proliferation


Bioactive chamber supports new bone and integration of the membrane at the repair site

Single Stage Surgery

Dr Brent Allan, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Perth, Australia

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How to purchase

For information on how to order Striate+, please contact Orthocell or your local BioHorizons representative