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Redefining nerve repair


Remplir™ is a collagen nerve wrap used in the repair of peripheral nerve injuries. It provides compression-free protection to the nerve, generating an ideal microenvironment to aid nerve healing. Remplir™ is manufactured using a proprietary SMRT™ manufacturing process to preserve the collagen structure for optimal tissue integration.

Every year, millions of people suffer peripheral nerve injury as the result of motor vehicle, sporting or work-related incidents. Nerve injuries result in pain, numbness, burning or tingling, or complete paralysis of the affected limb. Many people with nerve injuries are unable to work or participate in their favorite sport, and even simple things like getting dressed or making a cup of coffee become difficult.

Surgery to repair damaged nerves is delicate and complicated, and only successful some of the time. Remplir™ assists in re-joining severed or severely damaged peripheral nerves to restore function and sensation.

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Exceptional handling characteristics

Facilitates tensionless coaptation with minimal dissection and suturing

Healing microenvironment

Creates a protective healing environment that supports consistent axon regeneration

Mimics epineurium

A cell occlusive barrier that reduces the risk of adhesions and facilitates free gliding of repaired nerve

How it works

Tensionless repair is highly desirable in nerve reconstruction for several reasons, but primarily because it reduces the risk of additional damage to the nerve. Nerve repair with Remplir™ enables a reduction in suture requirements thus reducing the time needed to complete the surgery. The handling characteristics of Remplir™ assist surgeons perform complex reconstructive surgical procedures with tensionless repair.

Adrian's Story

Adrian Walsh was diagnosed with quadriplegia after he broke his neck in a mountain bike accident in June 2017. He retained some movement in his elbows and upper arms, but his hands, torso, and legs were paralysed, and his arms didn’t have enough strength to use a wheelchair on his own. Since his treatment with Remplir™, Adrian’s improved arm strength and function had given him more independence and the ability to take on new challenges, like wheelchair rugby.

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