Inaugural Nerve Transfer and Reconstruction Symposium

3 July 2023
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3 July 2023 Orthocell

Orthocell was delighted to co-sponsor the inaugural Nerve Transfer and Reconstruction Symposium at the University of Western Australia last week. The event brought together an internationally recognised faculty who shared their collective experience in peripheral nerve repair and regeneration with key clinicians from across the country.

Orthocell CEO & MD Paul Anderson was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to connect with our collaborators from Washington University  – Dr Regis O’Keefe, Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Professor David Brogan and Professor Christopher Dy, who shared their unique insights in the field of nerve reconstruction and repair. Professors Brogan and Dy recently joined Orthocell as Scientific Advisors.

A highlight of the day was the surgical skill training workshop chaired by Dr Alex O’Beirne, who demonstrated the use of Orthocell’s nerve repair device, Remplir™ in nerve repair surgery. Remplir™ addresses the clinical challenges and complications associated with suturing delicate nerve tissue. Remplir provides compression-free protection and an ideal microenvironment for nerve regeneration. It was pleasing to see Remplir’s ease of use validated by surgeons at the workshop.