Remplir™ Channel 7 News  feature

12 May 2022
Posted in Media, Video
12 May 2022 Orthocell

Remplir™ was recently cleared for use in Australia by the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA), which means we now have an opportunity to share this world-leading technology with more people here, on home soil.

People like Damian Hall, who was left paralysed after a skateboard accident two years ago, but was fortunate to participate in our first Remplir™clinical trial.

Damian was this week featured in a national news story by Channel 7 News Reporter, Alison Fan, to discuss his path to continued mobility following a nerve repair procedure with Remplir™. He was featured alongside orthopaedic and nerve specialist, Dr. Alex O’Beirne; Orthocell MD, Paul Anderson; and Orthocell CSO, Professor Minghao Zheng. 

Click here to see a brief version of the Channel 7 story.