Remplir™ nerve repair study published in peer-reviewed clinical journal

30 April 2024
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30 April 2024 Orthocell

Orthocell has announced that results from the Remplir™ nerve regeneration clinical trial have been published in a high profile clinical journal.

The study, showing nerve repair with Remplir following injury to the spinal cord, brachial plexus and other peripheral upper limb nerves consistently restores arm and hand function, was published in the Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery Open (JRMO), a peer-reviewed journal renowned for sharing advances in nerve reconstructive techniques and regeneration.  

Key findings from the study include:

  • Peripheral nerve repair clinical study showed consistent return of muscle function to paralysed upper limbs, following nerve repair with Remplir™.
  • Results showed 85% (23 of 27) of nerve repairs with Remplir, at 24 months post treatment, resulted in functional recovery of muscles controlled by the repaired nerve.

Orthocell Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Minghao Zheng, said:

“This study validated Remplir’s unique mechanism of action mimicking the native structure of epineurium, providing a protective barrier and neurotrophic microenvironment for nerve regeneration. Remplir’s unique biological characteristics underpinned the consistent return of function to paralysed upper limbs, the primary goal in this study. We are delighted to see this compelling research now published in JRMO and look forward to working with surgeons to consistently return muscle function following Remplir nerve regeneration treatment.”

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