Positive clinical results for OrthoATI™

14 November 2023
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14 November 2023 Orthocell

Orthocell has today released positive results from our clinical study comparing OrthoATI™ to surgery for the treatment of severe chronic lateral epicondylitis (LE) – also known as tennis elbow.

Key outcomes of the study include:

  • OrthoATI™ is as effective, if not better, than the gold standard surgical treatment for severe, chronic lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • OrthoATI™ patients experienced almost complete resolution of pain by 1 month post-treatment, compared to 6 months after treatment in the surgery group
  • OrthoATI™ patients demonstrated return of function significantly earlier (3 months) compared to the surgical group (6 months)
  • Participants in the OrthoATI™ group returned to work on average one month (32 days) earlier than the surgery group
  • Study indicated that OrthoATI™ may be a better alternative to surgery, as it is minimally invasive and cost effective

Orthocell Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Minghao Zheng, said:

“Returning patients to pain-free function sooner than surgical repair for severe lateral epicondylitis is a significant milestone for the commercial development of OrthoATI™.

“We are absolutely delighted with the study results and the potential to deliver the first injectable cell therapy in orthopaedics that truly addresses the cause of injury, and returns patients to full use of their chronically damaged tendons without the need for surgery.”

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