Quarterly Report | Period To 31 March 2022

Orthocell has today published its Quarterly Report for the period ended 31 March 2022.

Standout achievements for this Quarter include:

  • Remplir™ nerve repair device receives Australian regulatory approval for introduction into the Australian nerve repair and regeneration market
  • Application for inclusion of Remplir™ on the Prostheses List on track for submission in Q2 CY2022
  • Final Remplir™ 24 month results of all patients in the nerve regeneration study on track for Q2 CY2022
  • SignificantStriate+™ US market entry progress with sale of over 1,500 Striate+™ units achieved, and commencement of facility upgrade to enable scale up Striate+™ manufacturing capacity to >100,000 units per year
  • Striate+™ distributor discussions progressed and the Company is in advanced discussions to engage its first US distributor and establish Striate+™ as the premium dental membrane
  • The final data from the OrthoATI™ Phase 2a study on track for Q2 CY2022

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