Ortho-ATI™ Shoulder Tendon Study Update

29 September 2022
Posted in Company News
29 September 2022 Orthocell

Orthocell has today shared positive results from the crossover extension arm of our randomised clinical trial examining the performance of our OrthoATI™ therapy in the treatment of rotator cuff tendon injuries, compared to a steroid injection.

Previously released results demonstrated that OrthoATI™ showed superior outcomes compared with corticosteroid injection for treating rotator cuff tendinopathy with intrasubstance tendon tear. This additional data, which allowed patients previously randomised to receive a corticosteroid injection to “crossover” to OrthoATI™ treatment after a lack of response, further supports these original results. 

Key outcomes of the study include:

  • 82% of participants in the corticosteroid arm elected to crossover to OrthoATI™, and on average experienced almost complete pain resolution at 6 months post–treatment.
  • The crossover group experienced clinically important improvements in shoulder function at 6 months following OrthoATI™ treatment
  • No participants in the crossover group required additional treatment in the 12-month follow up period.

Orthocell Managing Director, Paul Anderson, said:

“This is an important validation for OrthoATI™ and the Company. We are now in a very strong position to progress our US commercialisation strategy to deliver the first injectable cell therapy in orthopaedics that truly addresses the cause of degeneration and returns patients to full use of their chronically damaged tendons.”

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