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Our global network of partnering health care professionals play a crucial role in our efforts to extend the reach and impact of Orthocell’s regenerative medicine products. We are committed to the highest standards of patient care and regulatory compliance.

DENTAL | Striate+™

Striate+™ is a resorbable collagen membrane used for guided bone and tissue regeneration in dental applications. It is designed to protect the bone defect space from ingrowth of gingival tissue, to provide a favourable environment for osteogenesis and to assure reliable formation of high-quality bone.

NERVE | Remplir™

Remplir™ is a collagen scaffold used in the repair of peripheral nerve injuries. Remplir™ can be used in trauma cases where a nerve has been crushed or severed, in nerve reinnervation or nerve transfer cases to restore function and sensation. Remplir™ can be used without the need for multiple sutures which damage the delicate nerve tissue and can compromise nerve regeneration.


OrthoACI™ is an autologous chondrocyte cell therapy for the repair of human cartilage. It is a two-stage surgical repair where the patient’s chondrocytes are loaded onto a collagen membrane and surgically implanted into the cartilage defect.

TENDON | Cell Therapy

Autologous tendon therapy is the most advanced injectable cellular therapy for the treatment of chronic tendon injuries. This unique two-stage treatment uses the patient’s own tendon-derived cells to stimulate tendon regeneration and is delivered via ultrasound guided injection under local anesthetic.

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