Positive clinical results for OrthoATI™

8 December 2021
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8 December 2021 Orthocell

Orthocell (ASX $OCC) has today released positive clinical data for its OrthoATI™ tendon program, which shows that OrthoATI™ is statistically more effective than the current standard of care (corticosteroid injection) for treatment of rotator cuff tendinopathy with intrasubstance tendon tear.

Key outcomes of the study include:

  • 95% (18 of 19) of participants at 12 months post OrthoATI™ treatment reported resolution of pain and return of functional mobility to treated shoulder
  • Participants receiving corticosteroids had no meaningful improvement in function, and only a transient improvement in pain, peaking at month 3 before returning to pre-treatment levels
  • 64% (7 of 11) of corticosteroid participants withdrew early from the study due to treatment failure. Of these early withdrawals, 86% (6 of 7) requested and received OrthoATI™ treatment due to ongoing pain and loss of shoulder function

Leading Australian orthopaedic surgeon and clinical trial lead, Dr Allan Wang, commented: 

“The rotator cuff trial results are very encouraging. OrthoATI™ consistently improved pain and shoulder function in patients suffering chronic shoulder symptoms from rotator cuff tendinopathy and tear.” 

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This short video further explains how the OrthoATI™ therapy works: